Monday, March 22, 2010

My St. Patty's Day (I know it's late!)


I'm back in Cali from my much-needed mini vacay! It was pretty spectacular how things turned out this weekend. One thing I hate about vacations though is coming back to the "real world". I have work in the morning, ugh. So that means I have to get back into the mindset of work. It's not a horrible job, I actually enjoy it, but it boils down to it still being work. Honestly, if I could wake up and stroll in whenever I wanted, and take days off whenever I wanted, it would be the perfect job, and I would have absolutely no complaints!

I gained a lot of followers this weekend thanks to SITS, which is fantastic and I'm really excited! If you are from SITS, and you left a comment, I'm still working on my replies! :-P

Anyhoot! I kicked off my vacay on St. Patty's Day, and my friend CJ and I went to The Bar we always go to where we know the guys that work there and I usually see one or two other people I know.

Oh what a night! Okay so you know my guys at this bar and what the deal is. Well SP and Envy have another friend, we'll call him Fresh (again, it makes sense to me, don't you worry about it!). Well here's a quick recap of what's going on with them:

Then: SP and I almost dated last summer, but he found out I don't want to have sex and decideded he didn't actually want to go out with me. he didn't say that, but I'm pretty sure that was the deal.

Now: I call SP when I need a guy to talk to. I think he's still attracted to me, and would like to be with me if I were willing to give it up. Which I'm not, so we're at a bit of a stand still.

Then: I liked Envy, thought he liked me, there was definite attraction.

Now: Found out Envy has a GF. Still flirt, but won't do anything unless he ends up not with her anymore.

Then: Fresh didn't pay attention to me, thought he didn't like me. It was awkward cuz he's close friends with SP.

Now: Fresh has shown a lot of interest in me, unfortunately I only like him as a friend.

Keep in mind all three of these guys are friends...How's that a make for weird situations?!?

Anyways! St. Patty's night, we were dancing and having a great time. I'd had a few drinks, so I was feeling pretty good. Now, when I get tipsy, I get bold and friendly, not in a weird, skanky, or obnoxious way, but a fun way. I was walking by this table where these guys were standing, and there was space between two of them, so I walked up and rested on the table and started talking to them. Out of no where. A group of guys I didn't know. I kind of hit it off with one, so we were talking. Then I went back to find CJ and ended up bringing her back to the table with the guys I'd met.

The one I had been talking to got my BBM, and asked if I wanted to go hang out with them at his place. I wasn't gonna, but CJ wanted to hang out more, so she took my phone and arranged for us to go over there after. They lived in walking distance from the place, so we headed over.

We had fun. That's all I'll say for now! Problem is, I now kind of like the guy I was talking to. We'll call him Prince. Not cuz he's my prince or anything, but as in the musical artist Prince. I thought he was interested in me, but i haven't heard from him since that night.

I'm going to experiment and see if I treat a guy I am interested in the same as I do guys I'm not interested in, will he pursue me the same way guys I'm not interested in do. I have to try this on Prince because it's a fresh start. I don't know if I'll last though. I'm so used to being the pursuer when it comes to guys I'm interested in, which is totally backwards, I know. But that's what I'm used to.

I need to get bed now, I was gonna call this an early night (yeah right, like that'll ever happen!). I will write more about my vacay, hopefully tomorrow!



MommyLovesStilettos said...

Don't pursue him. Let him call you!!

If he doesn't call, he's missing out! :)

Anonymous said...

I ued to always be the pursuer... it never got me too far.

Luckily with my fiance, we ended up kind of pursuing eachother, which was nice!

This Prince guy sounds promising!

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