Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's All Gravy!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know I'm late, but what are you gonna do? How was everyone's holiday?

It's been crazy getting settle into everything, Between soccer class, acting class, the holidays, and getting ready to start my new job, I feel like I haven't had a minute!

So, I started my new job today! I don't think I've mentioned this at all. I am in a new position with the same company I've been working for for the last year and a half. I'm excited, it's gonna be good. I get to train with my current manager. She's teaching me the ropes. We're friends outside of work, so it makes training even better!

My acting class has been going well. My partner and I are doing our last runthrough for our last scene on Thursday, which should be really good. We've worked pretty hard on it. Fingers crossed! Afterward, we're going to the Turtle Races:-)

SP text me last week, because he saw me driving. We chatted for a bit, then I let the conversation go. He replied "yup" to something I said, and I didn't respond. I decided I'm tired of being the one waiting for the guy to say something. I'll keep the ball in my court for a little while thank you. Not that he was trying to talk to me like that again, but I'm always practicing!

My friend Dawn and I watched Gross Pointe Blank tonight, and we were marveling at the awesomness of Minnie Driver's character. She's so amazing. The way she treats John Cusak is classic! She really couldn't care less about hurting his feelings, or what he thinks of her if she does one thing or another. I truly, truly want to be able to be like her. But the key is, you can't just ACT like that, it has to be truly what you feel. I have to stop caring about guys and what they think. I need to be about me (not in the completely conceited sense), I need to be mre concerned about how I feel and how I should and want to be treated rather than about how they feel or what they think. And it's gonna have to be genuine, not just something I'm doing to get a specific result. If I watch Gross Pointe Blank and He's Just Not That Into You at least once a month, I think I'll be okay!

I totally filled my car with radiator fluid and oil, by myself (well, with my dad on the phone, but whatever!). A mechanic tried to swindle me, so I just took matters into my own hands! He said my car just needed "basic maintenance" which would cost $200-$300!!! How in the world is that basic?!? When he went to look under my hood, I got out of my car to watch him, just in case he tried to pull something funny. He didn't do anything that I saw, he said my spark plugs were looking good. Then I talked to my dad after I left and he asked if the guy had taken anything out, I said no, and he said you can't check spark plugs without taking them out!!! WTH?!? That's why mechanics have a bad reputation! I hate being a woman who doesn't know squat about cars....maybe I'll take an auto shop class next semester....

Jeremy is doing much better. He's eating, talking, laughing. But his brain still hasn't recovered fully. He's moody and can get really irritable, so he still needs prayer, if you think about him! Thank you to everyone who has kept him in mind!

I'll be updating more often now that the dust has settled!

Question: What was one thing you were really Thankful for?

Until next time!

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