Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Things We Do To Find Love...


I know I haven't been blogging much lately, but I had to share:

Most of you are aware of my love life and how scarce and random it is. Well I decided going to clubs/bars and online dating is not enough. I would need more drastic measures if I'm gonna find someone who ACTUALLY wants to be with me.

I decided to try a matchmaking service. I found one through Google that wasn't too far from where I live. I interviewed with one of their employees over the phone. She was cool, we chatted and everything and she asked if I could come in for a consultation. I don't like to waste people's time (most of all mine) and I know I'm not by any means financial well off enough to say "money is no object". SO I asked her how much the service costs. She gave me the song and dance about how they customize it to the person and if you really want it, they'll tailor it to your needs, blah blah blah. So I thought okay, maybe it'll be like $500. Still don't really wanna pay that much, but it may be worth it, so I'll go in for the consultation.

I leave work and head over to the place. i get a voicemail from them saying "Oh, it's after seven, so it's okay for you to park in the garage below.", cool.

So I got down to the parking garage, where an attendant is standing there getting the tickets for the drivers. he hands me mine and I say "It's after seven, so I won't have to pay for parking right?" and he says "No, you do, It's $7 every half hour." Whoa whoa whoa, so I pull forward and pull over to a spot where I call the company I'm there to see.

Me: They're saying it's going to cost $28 to park

Them: Oh no, we'll validate you, just get your parking ticket!

Me: Okay!

So I proceed to park. I go upstairs and check in with security. He tells me to go to the first elevator. I get in the elevator and the floor I need to go on is already pushed. There's no one in the elevator, he did it from the security desk! So now I'm thinking these people are serious if they can afford a suite in a place like this, it's gotta be expensive! But I keep on truckin'!

I make my way there and the woman who I consult with is cool. She's nice, she's got good stuff to say, it's seems all good. Then we get to how much membership is. She's not hearing me about not knowing if I have the money. Literally she kept saying she was confused, like it didn't compute that I didn't have $500 to PUT DOWN (NOT pay in full!) on this membership. They were gonna give me the lowest costing one and let me put money down then make payments. $1500 was a lot, but from what she told me, it almost seemed worth a shot, so I was seriously going to consider it. But I could tell she was a little annoyed that I wasn't going to join right then and there. I'm sorry but I don't just have $1500 lying around to spend on whatever, this was something I would have to think about, but I was going to think about it!

So I leave and get to my car. I pull up to the gate to leave and put in my ticket. It says I have to pay $28, WTH??! So I pull back out and go back upstairs to try and catch her before she leaves. I call the number, i get their voicemail. I call and call. I finally get a person. She says she'll try to get the woman I spoke with. I'm already almost in tears cuz this is not boding well for me. She gets back on the phone:

Woman: She says she didn't validate because we only validate for members. So if you had bought the membership, we would have validated!

SERIOUSLY?!?! What the hell?!? Don't panic!

Me: They didn't tell me that.

Woman: They didn't? I always end with only if you buy a membership.

Me: Well they did not.

Woman: WHo did you speak to?

Me: "so-and-so" and "so-and-so"

Woman: I'm their manager, they should have said something. Well I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.

Me: Okay.

So I'm pissed at this point. my problem is, when I get pissed I also cry. If I'm this upset where I have to actually say something or demand something, I get very teary which frustrates the heck out of me! So I'm trying to figure out what to do. I get back in my car and call my mom so she can help me to calm down.

I drive to the gate again (while on the phone with her). I press the button to speak with someone.

Me: I can't get out.

Security: You have to pay.

Me: i don't have any way to pay.

Security: Stand by.


Security: Yeah, there's nothing we can do, you can call someone and ask them to bring you money.

Oh Heeeeellllll no!

Me: So I just have to sit here all night?

Security; Stand by.


Supervisor comes out with a total attitude.

Me: I don't have money to pay (I didn't have $28 to pay for parking that I was not expecting to have to pay), they told me I wouldn't have to pay for parking.

Supervisor: Well that's not our problem.

Me: So I could just sit in here all night?

Supervisor: Yeah, you can find a spot and park over there. But you need to move because people behind you need to get out.

Oh. My. God. If I wasn't thinking about how crappy it would be for those people to be stuck cuz I was having issues, I would not have budged. But I thought about how upset i would be if I got off worked and just wanted to go home and had to deal with this, so I moved to let other people out.

I was still on the phone with my mom. I thought about just paying the money, but then i thought, no this is ridiculous. This isn't my fault, why should I have to pay. So i was preparing in my mind to spend the night in the parking garage. By now my mom had called my dad and told me he was on his way. He was gonna raise a fuss! He was in the car driving to where I was (I love my parents!). So he's on the phone with me, telling em to just block the way. And I told him I wasn't strong enough for that, I would just end up moving. Then he said to wait til he got there.

I'm waiting for him to get there, when this car pulls up to leave, and the woman driving looks at me and asks if I'm okay. I tell her they won't let me out and I don't have validation. She asks if I'm "Genellyn". I say yeah and she says she's the woman I had been talking to before about the validation. Then she says she'll get me out. So she goes to the intercom and they say they can't let me out cuz the machine won't let them or something. Then she comes back and she says she will pay for me to get out. So I said thank you and she said "if someone asks you for something, you gotta do it!"

It was nice of her, because she could have let me sit there, but I was thinking, it seemed appropriate since it was her company that got me into the situation. And she can be reimbursed. Then she said "And don't feel like you have to go with our service just because I'm doing this!"

Uhhh, yeah like that was what I was gonna do....I had already told her I wasn't going to go with their service because of this. This is a really crappy way to treat a potential client.

So I flew out of there like a bat out of hell and made my way home. My dad went back home, he wouldn't get off the phone til I was out of there, and we ended up talking til I got home.

So that was my night. How was yours?


Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010: A Year Of Promise!

It's a brand new year! A brand new start!

Hopefully this year I can get back into the swing of blogging! I'm starting this year a whole lot different than I started 2009. I'm living on my own, I have a new job, new friends (and old!:-))...it's a little crazy to think about how far I've come in a year.

Now if I can just juggle it all appropriately, I'll be golden!

I've been enjoying living in my apartment with my brother. It's been pretty awesome. It's very liberating and I love the area. I'm going to write a blog about it one of these days, i even took pics to post, tee hee.

If there's one thing I learned this year and actually began to live by, it's that you can't sit and wait for things to happen! you have to figure out what you want and go get it! You can't sit around wishing, hoping and praying. I mean of course praying always helps, but you have to be proactive about achieving goals and dreams. I was tired of sitting around and waiting for things to happen, and this last year, I went out and got what I wanted! It wasn't luck, it didn't just happen to me, everything that I've accomplished I went out to get!

I believe your attitude towards life means everything. You have to be positive, pick yourself up and get back on the horse! You won't always succeed in every single endeavor but it makes the one you do succeed in even better!

New Year's resolutions are always a let down, I try to live day by day rather than set my self up for a 365 Day promise! That's hard! Does anyone make NY resolutions anymore?

Instead of a resolution, I encourage you to make 2010 your year! Dont; just let it happen to you, make 2010 happen for you!

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