Tuesday, September 8, 2009

There Goes The Weekend

Hey Hey Hey!!

This was a crazy busy weekend! Sorry it's taken me so long to update!

Here's the recap:

Freaky Friday

Had a perfectly horrible audition for a play at the community college I'm taking classes at. It was really really terrible. We had to audition in front of everyone and that always makes me super nervous. I got really pissed at myself, wondering what I was doing trying to be an actress and whether I should just give up or not. It was very disheartening. So I did the adult thing and went to happy hour, by myself at a Mexican restaurant/bar, to drown my sorrows. Then some people who love me came to keep me company and then we walked to the beach.

Afterward I met my friend Dawn at her place and we walked to this bar in Culver City that we like. I saw the cute bartender that I met the Tuesday before. He's super cute and he recognized me. He even hooked me up with drinks. Then I walked down the street to meet up with my guy friend who has been lviing in Vegas for the last couple of years. We went and saw Final Destination 3D (I had already seen it), it was good to see him again.

Saturday Saturday

I did nothing all day. It was wonderful!!! I appreciate days I don't have to be up at 4 AM, and gas being what it is, I don't really like leaving the house unless it's for something very specific. Then my brother and I went out with Dawn, Izzy and a bunch of their friends. We did a little pub crawl in the Marina. This is where I witness one of the biggest Cock-Blocks of my entire life:

I love people watching, especially at bars, cuz there are so many different kinds of crazy people. Plus they're drunk. So I see this one chick and first of all, she has on some bright red shorts. They almost look like soccer shorts, and this fairly cute black top. I was confused.

I'm watching her in her obviously drunken state, wondering where her people are. So she sits at the bar, alone, and this guy that's standing near here somehow starts talkng to her. Now this guy is super skinny and is wearing the jeans to prove it. I'm so not this kind of girl who even thinks about this kind of thing, but seriously, if you're gonna wear jeans hat skinny, use a sock if you got nothing goin' on....I mean we wear push-up bras...it's about the aesthetics. Anyway, his shirts tucked in and he has no socks on, so you can imagine the kind of game he has. But he has managed to find a woman who looks like she's been slipped a couple of roofies.

They continue talking, even while she is spinning herself around on the barstool and occasionally hitting my brothers leg who's sitting behind her. As they talk, the guy is getting closer and closer. Putting the moves on her. Slyly putting his arm around her waist, whispering really close to her. At one point his face was soooo close, I was uncomfortable. Then he was just about to go for it, when this guys comes out of nowhere and stand almost right in between them! Then they're talking and the drunk woman just gets up and leaves! Total cock-block! It was a tragedy. Part of me was happy that a drunken woman wasn't taken advantage of, but it's also sad when someone misses sealing the deal. I'm just saying.

Sunday Photoshoot

My friend invited me to be in this webisode that her friend is creating. I said I would, so I drove out to Studio City early Sunday morning. It was a lot of fun. I played a kid in a daycare, you know with our shoes on our knees. It was pretty funny it's gonna be great to see how it came out. Maybe I'll post the video here so you can see! We had a blast, we shot all day. So not only did I get to meet new people, but I got to meet up and coming people in the entertainment industry. That was a good boost, especially after that horrible audition. I want to do film anyway, so whatevs!

Monday Holiday

Didn't do anything on Monday.

That's all!



Alicia said...

lol...first off...the nsync fan for life. i am so right there with you!! is it bad that i still remember all the dance routines?!! HA!! and booo to the cockblock...i mean good for her and boo for him....poor tight pants...no lovin for him!

GreedyGirl said...

Hi www.greedygirlsguide.com checking in from SITS

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comment!Hope their is good news from the audition, sometimes things turn out better then you think they will!

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