Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lazy Days

So, I promised myself I would try to blog everyday, even if nothing "interesting" happened. Let's see, what I can get out of today.

I woke up early to get stuff started for Youth Group with the fundraiser I'm heading. Deadlines sure sneak up on you, don't they? I always say I'll do stuff then it comes up so fast and I feel like I had no time to prepare! This was my first day off in 13 days!! I'm not one of those people who just says "I've been busy", but I haven't. When I say I've been busy, I really have. My days seem to go by so quickly. between having to be at work and trying to fit the gym in, I feel like those are the only two places I've been in the last two weeks.

So, I read this book called You Lost Him At Hello. It's a good book. This woman has applied sales techniques to dating. It sounds weird, but it seems like it would work, in theory. I haven't had a chance to really put any of her techniques to the test. However, part of what she stresses is to not always be available. She also says, women, you have to play games. It sucks, but you have to play the games guys make us play. Even though they swear they don't like games, it's a lie, because there are rules you have to follow. I know this is true because I didn't like playing games either, and I've been doing things my way, and I've been single my whole life. So I've decided to buckle down and do what these books suggest, rather than my own natural desires.

I wanted to text TR yesterday to say bye and whatever, you know, just any reason to start a conversation. But I told myself not to. I ate my fingers to keep from typing on my phone. Somehow I distracted myself and got through yesterday without saying anything. Today I wanted to just forget what the book said and send him a text. But then I told myself again, "No, you've always done it your way, and it's gotten you nothing. Try something different!", so I didn't.

My problem is, I feel like any little thing could stop a guy from being interested in me. Only the guys I'm interested in though. Guys I have absolutely no interest in whatsoever won't leave me alone no matter what. What is up with that? Why are the guys I'm into not into me?

ANYway, so I went to the gym, to continue my workout routine and to keep my hands occupied. When I get there, I feel my phone vibrate. It was TR! He actually text me first! I couldn't believe I did it. I waited, and he text me first. I kind of like this feeling.

I like being pursued. I prefer to be pursued. But I'm so used to having to be the pursuer it's hard for me to think anyone would ever want to pursue me. A guy making an effort into seeing me or going out of his way to talk to me seem like a fairytale, or something that only happens in movies. It's very hard for me to imagine a guy liking me enough to work to get and/or keep me. It's very sad, but I'm trying not to think that way.

Well that's another glimpse into my love life and why it is the way it is now. More shall reveal itself in due time I'm sure. La'az!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Livin' For The Weekend

This weekend turned out to be very interesting! A great turn around from Thursday indeed.


Friday morning
I went to the gym and did my workout, just in time to meet my friend Dawn at the theater. We were going to see 17 Again. Turned out the movie time was different from what she had found, and I had to be at work at 3:00. We found it playing at another theater not too far at 12:30, so we headed over.

We got good seats in the middle, just where I like them! Let me tell you, Pacific in downtown Culver City is my FAVORITE theater. The seats are comfortable and the stadium seating is perfect, you don't have to worry about people's big heads or hairdos getting in your way! Anyway there was Dawn and I, two grown men (who weren't together, they were sitting far from one another, which was interesting), and a couple I think.

I'm so glad there weren't a lot of people, because Dawn and I were drooling over Zac Efron the entire time! I thought he was hot in Hairspray, but didn't think much of him, but now, I've become one of those tween girls screaming about him! I'm really much too old for this, but he's so GORGEOUS, it's ridiculous. Since Hayden Christensen went and got married, I think I've found his replacement....Don't even get me started on why he's so attractive. And what makes him hot in this movie is that he's playing a grown man. So he's not some dumb high school kid. His is a man, and he did an excellent job! His mannerisms and facial expressions were priceless. I really think he could be another great actor of our time if he picks the right roles.

Swingin' Saturday

Had to work at 5:oo am on Saturday, but it wasn't too bad cuz I was working with Dawn again, and we were still on our Zac Efron high. We were positively giddy at the thought of the boy. But it was fun being silly with someone else about a celebrity crush.

I was supposed to hang out with my brother and our friends because our friend Avery has never seen Final Destination and we were going to watch the trilogy. But he had a family emergency, so we ended up not going. I checked my e-mail when I got home and I got an e-mail from a guy I met at Brennan's back in September. We'll call him TR. I hadn't heard from him a in while. He's from out of state, but he was in LA for work, and he asked for my number. My brother and I were trying to figure out what to do for the night, but I was so tired I was falling asleep. Then I got a text from TR asking me to come out. I wanted to but I was super tired, and I did not fee like driving, but my brother was feeling like going out, so I figured if he was driving I would go. We ended up meeting TR and his friends in Venice. It was cool. We got there kind of late so we weren't there for long. It was cool though. I always like hanging out with my brother.

When I saw TR, I gave him a hug and he said "You look great!", this was cool because guys always say that in movies when they see the girl after a while, and I always thought: Guys never say that in real life! So I was really flattered. It doesn't take much for me, lol. I'll have to recap my love life /dating experiences one of these days so you'll understand my awkwardness when it comes to the opposite sex.

Slowdown Sunday

Had to work again on Sunday. It wasn't a long shift, and my mom and brothers picked me up to go to the Festival of Books at UCLA. It was crowded!! We go every year, and it's getting crazier!! My mom and I found some good info.

We were walking around when I saw a guy that looked familiar. He looked like a guy I dated last year. We will call him AC. So I text him and asked him if he was at the Festival, and he said yes. We ended up finding each other. I haven't seen him in about a year, and we just stopped talking to each other. There was no break-up or anything wrong, we just lost communication. Gave him a hug and he said "You look great!", haha!! This was awesome. I was so glad I decided to wash my hair on Friday, and look semi cute even though we were just going to the festival. So random, I see two guys I haven't seen in a while, and they both tell me I look great which I thought was a movie myth, and urban legend.

After the festival, my mom and brothers and I decided to go see Race To Witch Mountain. It sucked. The writing was terrible, it was cliche and just a BAD movie. I am not picky about my movies, so if I say it's bad, it's BAD.

We ended up seeing another homeschool mom we knew when I was in high school. She was bragging to my mom about being a grandmother, and my mom was saying she was jealous. I hate these conversations because then I'm looked at like "Why don't you have any kids yet?!", I'm like mom, would you like me to just run out and get pregnant? Cuz I can probably do that. I was just hoping to actually be in love and have a husband before I have children. If you would like to go out in LA and find me a decent guy, go for it, and good luck! I always hate seeing people that I knew from high school. I mean I live at home and I'm trying to be an actress. My life is not really noteworthy as of yet. SO then I have to say oh, I'm working on an acting career or oh I'm an online moderator. Neither of which are very impressive. But I'm making those sacrifices for my dream career. But that's for another blog another time!

Manic Monday

Went to work. Tried to do homework at Coffee Bean afterwards, but it was too cold outside, and all the tables inside were taken. I get a text from TR asking me if I can come hang out. I tell him I have to go to the gym then go home and get ready. I invite Dawn, Allison and Chelsea. We all meet in Venice Beach at a bar to watch the Lakers game (GO LAKER S 4- 1, WOOOO!). Then the three of us end up going back to the Ritz-Carlton with TR and his friend. It was good times after that, but I won't go into detail.

Also, this weekend
I had checked my Facebook and I got a wall comment from The Guy, another long story, let's just say he's kind of 'The One That Got Away, only it would be The One That Let Me Go. The one whom I've had feelings for, that I can't get rid of, for the last three years. He never initiates any conversation with me, it's always me talking to him. But he actually wrote to me first.

So it was a very interesting weekend as far as my "Love" Life goes. Lol, I didn't meet anyone knew, but I had interactions with a few guys from the past. It was really weird that it all happened in the same weekend.

How was your weekend?


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bad Day, Bad TiVo.Better Tomorrow?

I woke up with a terrible feeling and looked at my cell phone. It was 7:10 AM. I was supposed to be at work at 7:00. FANTASTIC! As I'm staring at my phone, begging it not to be true, my coworker calls and I tell him what happened. I jump out of bed, throw something on and rush out of my house. I'm almost at work when traffic hits. On the street, not even the freeway! So Instead being only 30 minutes late, I end up being an hour late. Crap.

Work wasn't bad, I like working with Allison, so the time went fairly quickly. Then I had to go to Target because in my rush to get out of the house I forgot my gym towel, and I cannot go to the gym without a towel, people sweat there ya know!
I got out of Target in under $30 (a miracle for me, I had to put some serious blinders on. I did almost buy some shoes). Then headed to the gym.

**Side Note** Why do people feel like just because it's a locker room they don't need to have any kind of discretion with their nakedity? I HATE that! I understand we're all women, but honestly, you don't need to stand there talking on your cell phone completely in the buff, I have my own, I don't want to see yours!!**

Finished my workout then came home. Bailey, my puppy, greeted me. She always makes me smile. We found her a little over a year ago. I'll have to post a pic one of these days. I took her out and ran with her for a little bit.

I decided to shower and settle in for some American Idol, I sit I watch, Tuesday's episode missed the last 9 minutes, so I didn't get to see Anoop's performance. I moved on to Wednesday, only to find it only recorded the first 5 minutes!!! FML!!! This is so frustrating, so I have to go to the website to see who was eliminated. Very anti-climactic.

And to top it off, TiVo didn't record Grey's Anatomy either!! WTH!?!? What a crappy day? I would be devastated by this if it weren't for watching episodes online. Thank God for that.

Tomorrow should be better, I'm going to go see 17 Again with a friend.

I'm ready to start over! Goodnight world!!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Wonderful Thing About Bloggers!

Since I was accepted into 20 Something Bloggers, I've had a chance to explore some blogs tonight, which is something I've wanted to do for a while, but wasn't sure where to start. This was a great foot in the door!

As I sit and read all of these amazing blogs and gaze jealously upon their lovely, unique, and beautiful layouts, I can't help but wonder how to get to that point.

I would love to be able to be so candid in my blogs, so open and interesting. Things happen to me all the time, but I never think about telling anyone. Not really the mentality of a writer, right? Well I have decided to begin to write. Anything and everything that I can. If I can make myself write SOMETHING everyday, the good, the bad, the interesting, the boring, eventually I will be able to write in a way I could be proud of!

I need to exercise my writing muscles! (And we can start by no longer using phrases like "exercise my writing muscles"



Monday, April 13, 2009

New Things

1. I started a workout routine today that is supposed to get me "cut & sparkling" in four weeks!!
2. Had a GREAT Easter with friends & fam, thank you Jesus!
3. Started a dating site last week. It's been okay so far. Definitely the most interactive and fun dating site I've ever been on. And it's free!! Yay!!

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