Thursday, April 23, 2009

Bad Day, Bad TiVo.Better Tomorrow?

I woke up with a terrible feeling and looked at my cell phone. It was 7:10 AM. I was supposed to be at work at 7:00. FANTASTIC! As I'm staring at my phone, begging it not to be true, my coworker calls and I tell him what happened. I jump out of bed, throw something on and rush out of my house. I'm almost at work when traffic hits. On the street, not even the freeway! So Instead being only 30 minutes late, I end up being an hour late. Crap.

Work wasn't bad, I like working with Allison, so the time went fairly quickly. Then I had to go to Target because in my rush to get out of the house I forgot my gym towel, and I cannot go to the gym without a towel, people sweat there ya know!
I got out of Target in under $30 (a miracle for me, I had to put some serious blinders on. I did almost buy some shoes). Then headed to the gym.

**Side Note** Why do people feel like just because it's a locker room they don't need to have any kind of discretion with their nakedity? I HATE that! I understand we're all women, but honestly, you don't need to stand there talking on your cell phone completely in the buff, I have my own, I don't want to see yours!!**

Finished my workout then came home. Bailey, my puppy, greeted me. She always makes me smile. We found her a little over a year ago. I'll have to post a pic one of these days. I took her out and ran with her for a little bit.

I decided to shower and settle in for some American Idol, I sit I watch, Tuesday's episode missed the last 9 minutes, so I didn't get to see Anoop's performance. I moved on to Wednesday, only to find it only recorded the first 5 minutes!!! FML!!! This is so frustrating, so I have to go to the website to see who was eliminated. Very anti-climactic.

And to top it off, TiVo didn't record Grey's Anatomy either!! WTH!?!? What a crappy day? I would be devastated by this if it weren't for watching episodes online. Thank God for that.

Tomorrow should be better, I'm going to go see 17 Again with a friend.

I'm ready to start over! Goodnight world!!



LiLu said...

I have NEVER been to Target and spent less than $100! You are a super hero! :-)

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