Friday, June 26, 2009

Twitter, Blogging and Beauty!

My friend Allison invited me to a Beauty Blog Launch party last night hosted by HelloPrettyLovesYou, which her friend Danielle helps write for. It was a great party there were gift bags with really awesome products.

It was pretty cool, I did background on Iron Man 2 this week and one of the ladies who did my hair used this stuff called Porosity, and it was really great on my hair, it made it feel soft and moisturized. I looked it up online on Wednesday and it was about $30. I almost bought but decided to wait. So last night, at the launch party, they had a raffle. Allison won this GREAT beach package prize with a swimsuit, towel, flip flops, and a lot of other stuff. She had another winning ticket, and she let me have it, so I went and got the prize. When I looked inside, there was a bottle of Porosity!!! I couldn't believe it!!! It was one of the coolest moments. Here's all the stuff I got: is having a give away, you can win this stuff and more! Check out their blog!

We met some really cool ladies at this party. A lot of them were bloggers and some were reps for beauty products and companies. It was a really cool event to be a part of. I met one woman, Leslie, and she had just signed up for Twitter a few minutes before she had left to come to the party. I showed her how to download TwitterBerry and I started following her. She's really cool, you should follow her!

This whole event got me thinking, I would really like to start writing/blogging about beauty products and even entertainment. I kind of already started that with my other blog. Obviously I don't update nearly as much as a should. I'm gonna have to buckle down and discipline myself to really research stuff and then write about it. I just get so busy. I need to become more passionate about it and really make it a priority. I don't really know what holds me back. I'll have to ponder this. I'm thinking I should start finding a place like a Starbucks or better yet a CoffeeBean (free Wi-Fi! Wooo!) and plan one day a week that I go sit and write. Blog, stories, everything.



Danielle said...

Thanks for the shout out love!! I'm so glad you had a great time AND got something you really wanted!

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Kaja said...

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