Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm So Naked Right Now....

Went to see Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian today. Really good movie, maybe even better than the first one. I love Hank Azaria, he's amazing. I just wish he hadn't cheated on Helen Hunt:-\

It was very funny in my humble opinion. It's rare these days for a sequel to equal (that rhymes!) it's predecessor, let alone exceed it. The previews however did not promise a good movie line-up for the summer. Hopefully that's because it was a family movie.

I also saw Terminator: Salvation this weekend. I liked that as well. There were a few unanswered questions, but I was entertained.

You: That's great Gen, but when are you going to explain your lack of clothing?

Me: Ah yes! My nakedity....Well, after leaving the theater, I realized that I did not have my phone with me. I know I had it with me at the theater, yet it was not in my possession. It is officially missing. When I first called, it rang, now when I call it goes straight to voicemail. I'm guessing someone found it, but who knows. You'd think they would pick up or something, if they were any kind of decent. Yes, it's a Blackberry, but it's only a Pearl and it's rather beat up, why would you keep it?!?! And of course I just got internet for it on Friday.....and of course T-Mobile is closed to day because it's a hoiday so I can't even suspend my service. What are the odds of that happening? *sigh*

I have been terrible with my blogging. I knew I would drop the ball, but I'm hoping to pick it back up again. I think my next blog will be a tribute to some original bloggers....Maybe that will keep me motivated.



Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't Get On The Boat, You'll End Up In The Middle Of The Ocean...

Had to be at work at 5 AM this morning! Blech. I had to make my alarm one of the obnoxious sounds on my phone or I would simply ignore it.

I peeled my eyes open reluctantly at 4:00. What a horrible hour to have to get out of bed! I don't think I'll ever really get used to it. All though I think I've had to get up at just about every hour possible between my job and doing background work.

Oh, Backtrack: Last night I got a text from the guy I met at the party, we were supposed to go see a movie on Tuesday, but he never called. I didn't text him or anything, I just figured whatever and was content to stay at home and chill. Anyway, I get a text at 10, saying that he his phone had broken and he just got a new one. Hmmmm. I mean I have no real reason not to believe him, and that kind of thing does happen. Plus, he was the one who asked me, so I don't think he would just be trying to get out of it. It just seems a little weird to me, but I'm not the pouty-pissed-off type of chick, so I don't really care. However, I'm trying to me the new me when it comes to dating, relationships and guys. So, in lieu of the Old Me, I decided to not text him back right away, but to wait until the next morning.

Flashforward To Present:

Even though it was such a beastly hour, I had to be prepared for my whole day. I was gonna go to the beach after work since I got off at 11, but I was also going to the gym. One thing I hate about living 20 minutes away from the area that I conduct most of my life in is that I have to think through my whole day before I leave my house because I hate driving and wasting the gas. Once I'm on the westside, I'm there till I'm ready to rest my bones! So I put on my swimsuit, one of my new tops, and the shorts I wore as a Ghostbuster. It was cute. The top is Babydoll style though, which falls just below my thighs, and the shorts are short, so it looks like I'm not wearing anything underneath. No.....I'm not a slut.

Work was slow, not too much going on. I got to see my friend DL (not real name, as none of the guys' names in here are). I hadn't seen him in a while, so it was nice to see him again. We always seem to miss each other at work.

I had ordered a pepperoni pizza online at CPK. So I headed over to grab my lunch. I had to stop at the store for sunscreen and a drink. I was standing at the sunscreen shelves trying to decide which of the million choices was best, when an older gentleman said while he walked in my direction "Cute. Very cute." I turned to see who was talking and he smiled at me. Now, when I say older, I mean could be a friend of my dad's. I smiled politely and laughed awkwardly. Then as he passed he said "You should come on our boat!" I didn't really know what to say to again, awkward laugh. Oh, yeah let me just go hop on your boat with you Mr. Strangeman! And why don't we just leave my car here, and I'll ride with you while we're at it! Then I can finally cross rape & abduction off of my wishlist!" Let me clarify, this is in the Marina, so there are boats around, so it wasn't a horrifically random invitation, but still! So I just awkwardly laughed until he went away. I immediately text Dawn, Ingrid and Allie. Dawn, Ingrid and I had been talking about how you never go on a boat with a guy cuz you could end up trapped in the middle of the ocean! We were joking, but here I was with an actual proposal!

He passed by again to go checkout, and again threw an invitation my way for this "Boat Party". Said I would be a "welcome guest". Yeah I'm sure. He didn't even say, "Oh, I have a son who would love to meet you!", no it was obvious I would be his guest. I'm sorry but if you're gonna be that old trying to holler at me, you better look like one of these guys:

And he did not.

Cue Awkward Laugh. Don't look him in the eye. Crisis Averted.

So I finally reached my destination. I laid out my towel, put in my Zune, and read a magazine. It was really great! I just sat by myself for a while. After awhile I decided I just head out to the gym. So I started walking back to my car.

These two guys walked by as I was sitting in my car, getting ready to go. They were talking to me, and I joked with them as they walked. Then one of them said "Bye' as he kept looking back at me me. I said bye. Then I continued to get the sand off of my feet. I could see the two of them loitering in the area, looking like they had something to do, but the one guy kept looking back at me. I had sunglasses on, so I don't think he saw me see him. Anyway, they eventually came back over and introduced themselves to me. They were working on a music video they were filming on the beach (Truth! I had already scene the trailers and stuff, plus they had walkie-talkies! Hehe.), then the friend said he had to go to the restroom and left the other guy there. We talked for a bit, he seemed cool. He also had sunglasses on, but he seemed cute from what I saw. We're both from the same area. He could be fun to hang out with. He got my number, so we'll see where that goes!

Tomorrow is going to be even more hectic! I probably won't get home til late! Blah.
(FYI: That's "Laterz", but with the British absence of the "t" sound)


Monday, May 4, 2009

Star Trek, Wolverine, Shopping And A BBQ!!

Another Good Weekend Notch on my belt!

I decided to treat myself this week. I haven't been spending money, even when I got my tax refund, go me! So I went to the galleria and bought a few things. I actually bought six pairs of shoes!! I have NEVER bought that many shoes at once in my entire life! It was quite exciting. I bought some jewelry and tops too.

I really spoiled myself. I got a manicure a pedicure and got my hair did! I think I'm "spent", at least for a while.

After I got my hair done on Friday, we went to go see Wolverine. I liked it!! My brothers were complaining that it strayed from the comics. Yes it did, but it was still entertaining. The one thing that bugged me was that Gambit was making cards float, like mind
control or something. But Gambit can't do that in the comics. So that was annoying, but the rest was very entertaining.

Saturday was my boss' birthday party. It was at The Parlor in Santa Monica, and it was 80s themed. I wasn't sure how I was going to pull a costume together, but I did it! I decided I wanted to go as a Ghostbuster. I found a tan shirt at Salvation Army and some cute tan shorts at JC Penney's that I can wear this summer. I already had gloves. Then, it was crazy, I was going to try to find some black fabric to make arm bands, and I was looking on my bed for something, when I foud and arm sleeve my mom had made YEARS ago when I was minnie mouse. It was made out of black leggings. We cut it into arm bands. It was so random that it was on my bed. I mean I literally hadn't seen this thing since I was like 9, and it just randomly shows up when I need it. I was Spengler, glasses and all:

The party itself was a blast. I played beer pong agaisnt a guy that looked kind of like Matthew McCounaghey (sp?). My partner I were awesome. Unfortunately, they had to put the beer pong table away before we claim ultimate victory. We had like 8 cups left while the guys had about 5, so I called a win on our side. Of course they still said they were undefeated.

The bartender was VERY good looking. I really wanted to talk to him more, but he was so good-looking I just kind of froze up at the thought of talking to him. Now had I not been interested. Oh I would have been witty all get out! *sigh*

I was people-watching, something I enjoy doing at parties. They had rented out the upstairs section but random people were still coming up. It was awesome seeing people's faces when they saw all the 80s madness and was wondering what was going on. I met another gal named Catherine. Dawn had introduced me to her. We were having a good time. A few guys came up to us talked but we had our sights set on the bartender. I decided to go sit at the bar where I would be more likely to talk to him, seeing as how he wouldn't be able to come up to me;-)

While I was sitting there, a group of guys came by me. They commented on my costume, and then one of them started to talk to me. He was telling me about his job and how he has to commute from OC to downtown LA. I said I used to work at Disneyland so I know what that's like. Then he said he used to work at Disneyland! We found out we were there at the same time, both in foods. Small world! He was pretty cute and nice, so I continued to chat with him. His friends had left him, so he had to go find them. But he got my number first. I can tell I wouldn't really get a long with his friends, but he seems cool.

The rest of the party was fun, I hung out with Catherine most of the time. We're gonna try to hang out, we got along really well. I think we could be good friends!

Yesterday, my brother invited me to a screening of Star Trek. Before the movie, we went to his friend's BBQ. They had just moved into a new place and invited a bunch of people over. They were really cool. I'm usually weary of meeting new girls, but they were fun! I wanna hang out with them again. It's always a little awkward hanging out with my bro and his girl friends cuz there's a little flirting, and I'm never sure where I should look, haha!

Then his other friend who was going with us to the screening met us there. As it turned out, she went to college with Jamie, one of the girls who lived there! They did the girl scream when they saw each other, it was pretty funny and random. They hadn't seen each other since graduation.

After a while we headed off to Paramount Studios for the screening. I was actually excited to see the movie. Even though I'm not a bonified Trekkie, it looked like it would be good. It was soooo good! I want to see it again. My mom and dad are totally into Star Trek. They used to watch all the series. I want to go see it with them, and see if they like it. My brother's friend was there, whom I happen to think is extremely good-looking (Lord help me if he ever read this blog!). Yeah, unfortunately, I was looking slightly marmish because my brother told me to dress "business casual". While his friend's date was in a sexy top and pencil skirt. I didn't even try to compete. I just chalked it up as a loss. My second loss when it comes to that guy! Oh well...

It was a good weekend! I had fun, met new people, and got be a ghostbuster, who can complain about that?!

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