Thursday, March 8, 2012

New Beginning!

Hello Out There!

If there is anyone even still out there. It's been almost 2 years to the day since my last blog post. Which makes me kinda sad.

Unfortunately with a full time job, my will to blog dwindled. Working on a computer all day, coming home and getting on the computer again was kinda the last thing I wanted to do.

I was let go from that very job at the beginning of this year. So I will start blogging again!

Some new things about me:

- Got a dog, her name is Pepper

- Went on my first cruise

- Visited New York for the first time in October

- Started playing football and kickball (So much fun!)

- Went Skydiving for the first time last year

Hmmm, kind of sad that there's not more of an update from the last two years...I'm sure more has happened than that, I just get stumped when I'm on the spot!

More to come!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miracles Happen...

Hey Ya'll!

Today was a great day! It was actually a great weekend. I celebrated my guy friend's birthday in Hb on Friday night. He's like my boy BFF. I also got to see two of his friend whom I haven't seen in forever, so that was nice!

Yesterday I played a pick-up game with my kickball league, then we went over to a bar not too far from my place and pub crawled to the place across the street which is my fave. I was soooo tired though, it was ridiculous. CJ came over so that I could dye her hair, and then I went right back to sleep!

Today I went to my friend Stephanie's baby shower. She is the cutest pregnant woman ever! I love her. I was so happy I got to see her.

For those of you who have been following my blog for a while, know about her brother, Jeremy, and how the last time I saw him he was in a coma and we weren't sure if he was even going to make it....well, this is Jeremy today:

I am still so very grateful to all of you who kept him in your thoughts and prayers. His recovery has been nothing short of a miracle. His accident was in September, they weren't sure he was going to live. By October he was awake. They said they weren't sure his brain would be functional. In a few weeks he was talking. They said they weren't sure he would remember things. In November he gave me a phone call. He celebrated his 21st birthday in January. They said they weren't sure he would return to how he was. Today he's walking, talking and being himself. Nothing short of a miracle.

When I hugged him for the first time since I was in AZ, I was shaking. I'm not an emotional person, but this got to me. I didn't cry or anything, but it was slightly overwhelming. To have him giving me a hug when the last time I saw him, I wasn't sure I would see him again. It was an extremely precious moment. And being to have everyone there to celebrate Stephanie's baby shower was a tremendous blessing.

He has changed a little, but only for the better. He has a greater and deeper appreciation for life and it's a beautiful thing. The Lord is definitely going to use him for some great things! His testimony is so powerful, i think it's going to touch a lot of people.

And Stephanie is too adorable. I can only pray that I am that gorgeous when I'm pregnant. I love her so much!

After the shower I met a couple of my co-workers and some others on the beach for some volleyball. That was a lot of fun, but my arms hurt sooo much now! :-P

Between kickball, soccer, Sunday volleyball, and the workout routine my friend Lauren and I are starting, I think I should be in good shape soon!! Fingers crossed! I canceled my gym membership cuz I hadn't been since like November, so I wasted a lot of money. With this full time job, it's just hard to fit in gym time. But Lauren and I are going to do a 30 minute workout routine near our jobs. I think I'll be bale to keep it up because I have someone to hold me accountable, and it's like seconds away from my job, so I have no excuses!

Well, that's all for now!!


Monday, March 22, 2010

My St. Patty's Day (I know it's late!)


I'm back in Cali from my much-needed mini vacay! It was pretty spectacular how things turned out this weekend. One thing I hate about vacations though is coming back to the "real world". I have work in the morning, ugh. So that means I have to get back into the mindset of work. It's not a horrible job, I actually enjoy it, but it boils down to it still being work. Honestly, if I could wake up and stroll in whenever I wanted, and take days off whenever I wanted, it would be the perfect job, and I would have absolutely no complaints!

I gained a lot of followers this weekend thanks to SITS, which is fantastic and I'm really excited! If you are from SITS, and you left a comment, I'm still working on my replies! :-P

Anyhoot! I kicked off my vacay on St. Patty's Day, and my friend CJ and I went to The Bar we always go to where we know the guys that work there and I usually see one or two other people I know.

Oh what a night! Okay so you know my guys at this bar and what the deal is. Well SP and Envy have another friend, we'll call him Fresh (again, it makes sense to me, don't you worry about it!). Well here's a quick recap of what's going on with them:

Then: SP and I almost dated last summer, but he found out I don't want to have sex and decideded he didn't actually want to go out with me. he didn't say that, but I'm pretty sure that was the deal.

Now: I call SP when I need a guy to talk to. I think he's still attracted to me, and would like to be with me if I were willing to give it up. Which I'm not, so we're at a bit of a stand still.

Then: I liked Envy, thought he liked me, there was definite attraction.

Now: Found out Envy has a GF. Still flirt, but won't do anything unless he ends up not with her anymore.

Then: Fresh didn't pay attention to me, thought he didn't like me. It was awkward cuz he's close friends with SP.

Now: Fresh has shown a lot of interest in me, unfortunately I only like him as a friend.

Keep in mind all three of these guys are friends...How's that a make for weird situations?!?

Anyways! St. Patty's night, we were dancing and having a great time. I'd had a few drinks, so I was feeling pretty good. Now, when I get tipsy, I get bold and friendly, not in a weird, skanky, or obnoxious way, but a fun way. I was walking by this table where these guys were standing, and there was space between two of them, so I walked up and rested on the table and started talking to them. Out of no where. A group of guys I didn't know. I kind of hit it off with one, so we were talking. Then I went back to find CJ and ended up bringing her back to the table with the guys I'd met.

The one I had been talking to got my BBM, and asked if I wanted to go hang out with them at his place. I wasn't gonna, but CJ wanted to hang out more, so she took my phone and arranged for us to go over there after. They lived in walking distance from the place, so we headed over.

We had fun. That's all I'll say for now! Problem is, I now kind of like the guy I was talking to. We'll call him Prince. Not cuz he's my prince or anything, but as in the musical artist Prince. I thought he was interested in me, but i haven't heard from him since that night.

I'm going to experiment and see if I treat a guy I am interested in the same as I do guys I'm not interested in, will he pursue me the same way guys I'm not interested in do. I have to try this on Prince because it's a fresh start. I don't know if I'll last though. I'm so used to being the pursuer when it comes to guys I'm interested in, which is totally backwards, I know. But that's what I'm used to.

I need to get bed now, I was gonna call this an early night (yeah right, like that'll ever happen!). I will write more about my vacay, hopefully tomorrow!


Friday, March 19, 2010

It's SITS Day!!!

Welcome SITS To My Blog!

It’s my SITS day! Hallelujah! How exciting! I can't wait to meet all you! These kind of wonderful things always come when you least expect them, and what a pleasant surprise!

For those who don’t know: Secret’s In The Sauce (SITS) is a blog site made to connect women bloggers everywhere. It’s kind of a big deal, they have SITS conferences and everything! I haven’t had the good fortune to attend one yet, but I will one day! You should definitely check it out!

To all my SITStahs here for the first time, thanks for stopping by I’m so glad you came!! I have redecorated and done a little rearranging in participation of your arrival! Make yourself comfortable, poke around have fun! I apologize for the lack of more recent posts, but I’m been out doing so much, it’s hard to keep up with myself! I will be blogging more in the future, so check out my archives and if you like what you read, don’t hesitate to comment or even subscribe!
I’ve heard SITS day are a little crazy what with all the responses, and I will do my best to respond to each and every one of you, but be patient as I am actually on vacation as I write this. I’m at the San Francisco airport waiting for my connecting flight to Denver. See? I told you, hectic!

My blog is about my life adventures and the random events, things, feelings and people that come in and out of it! As a 26 year-old, living in LA, there are usually some pretty good stories to tell! Everything from celebrity encounters to my crazy guy-juggling (definitely worth going through the archives!) I'm living life and having a blast, hopefully I can brighten your day a little and maybe even make you think on occasion! I can be very random and sarcastic, so be ready!

I also write for an online magazine, Every Girl Blog that you should check out!

A few of my favorite adventures:

The Things We Do To Find Love
- Trapped in a parking garage?!?!

Comic-Con '09 - Not as geeky as you think...okay maybe it is, but it includes an encounter with a celeb (crush no less!!)!!

This Is How We Do It
- My adventure on the set of the movie Couples Retreat!

Enjoy and thanks for stopping by San Diego!


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Got A Minute?

Oh my wow!

This is just about the firs time I've ha a moment and the drive to write a blog post. I hate that I can't write as much anymore. and I feel like it happened right as i was gaining steam in my writing! The problem is that before I was working part-time so i had a lot of free time! I got a full-time position now, and it's all day in front of the computer, so by the time I get home, I don't want to stare at the screen more! Blech. I need to get into a blogging routine, cuz I miss this, I really do.

oh there's been a lot going on in my life lately! I don't even know where to start!

Let's see, I ended my gym membership yesterday because I haven't had time, and I gave 24 Hour fitness about $120 for nothing the last 4 months. Grrr. Plus I have joined a soccer league and a social sports league! I would recommend looking up an adult social sports league in your area, they are so worth it! Great way to meet new people!

Still been going to that same bar, and you all would probably be very disappointed in me when it comes to SP...:-P

I was dating a few guys for a minute there as I think I mentioned before. I've hit my valley now though. Nothing on the horizon.

Oh, but I can you a little story about a secret admirer I had (have). Last week, I got this text message from someone. The name was in my phone, but I had no idea who it was, the name was not familiar. I thought maybe it was a guy I met a long time ago at a party or something. Anyway, the text says "You are a wonderful person, I wish I could be your man one day". Since the name didn't even ring a bell, I wasn't getting my hopes up. So I text back saying thank you, and asking who it was. They simply replied: "someone who thinks a lot of you". It was REALLY bugging me. So, I sat there racking my brain trying to figure out who this guy was.

OH.MY.GOD. It hit me like a horrible flash. IT WAS MY MECHANIC!!! FML. WHAT THE HELL?? He has a son in HIGH SCHOOL! Gawd!! I talk to him when I take my car in, but I though we were just being nice to each other!! I hate how life works. How come you can't just be nice when it comes to guys? How come the ones you're nice to but don't like end up liking you, but when you're nice to the ones you do like, they run away screaming?!? How the eff is that fair?!?!?

I'm so pissed about that! But fortunately, I had the best weekend EVER so despitethe rocky start, my weekend was amazing!

The highlight? My friend and I went karaoke-ing on Friday. We ended up getting a table right by the karaoke stage, and at one point they called up "Jimmy", I look and it's freaking JAMES MARSDEN! I was so smitten, he's sooo hot to me! Here are some pics I took with my phone:

Then after I finish freaking out over him singing (and quite well!) i look over and he's with the cast of Cougar Town! I LOVE that show! Courtney Cox and all the main guys from the show were there! It made sense cuz they film that show in the studio a couple of blocks away from where I live, which is also not far from this karaoke bar!

I sang I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) by The Proclaimers and I had people singing along with me and everything, it was fantastic! The rest of the weekend was crazy fun and random! I wish I had blogged about it when it happened:-P Maybe I'll back blog it one day for the posterity!

Also went to Vegas this weekend, which was a lot of fun. I got to hang out with some friends I don't hang out with nearly enough, and we had a blast! I'll have to post pics!

Thanks for stopping by! I'll try to get more on top of writing, responding and reading blogs!! Bear with me!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Things We Do To Find Love...


I know I haven't been blogging much lately, but I had to share:

Most of you are aware of my love life and how scarce and random it is. Well I decided going to clubs/bars and online dating is not enough. I would need more drastic measures if I'm gonna find someone who ACTUALLY wants to be with me.

I decided to try a matchmaking service. I found one through Google that wasn't too far from where I live. I interviewed with one of their employees over the phone. She was cool, we chatted and everything and she asked if I could come in for a consultation. I don't like to waste people's time (most of all mine) and I know I'm not by any means financial well off enough to say "money is no object". SO I asked her how much the service costs. She gave me the song and dance about how they customize it to the person and if you really want it, they'll tailor it to your needs, blah blah blah. So I thought okay, maybe it'll be like $500. Still don't really wanna pay that much, but it may be worth it, so I'll go in for the consultation.

I leave work and head over to the place. i get a voicemail from them saying "Oh, it's after seven, so it's okay for you to park in the garage below.", cool.

So I got down to the parking garage, where an attendant is standing there getting the tickets for the drivers. he hands me mine and I say "It's after seven, so I won't have to pay for parking right?" and he says "No, you do, It's $7 every half hour." Whoa whoa whoa, so I pull forward and pull over to a spot where I call the company I'm there to see.

Me: They're saying it's going to cost $28 to park

Them: Oh no, we'll validate you, just get your parking ticket!

Me: Okay!

So I proceed to park. I go upstairs and check in with security. He tells me to go to the first elevator. I get in the elevator and the floor I need to go on is already pushed. There's no one in the elevator, he did it from the security desk! So now I'm thinking these people are serious if they can afford a suite in a place like this, it's gotta be expensive! But I keep on truckin'!

I make my way there and the woman who I consult with is cool. She's nice, she's got good stuff to say, it's seems all good. Then we get to how much membership is. She's not hearing me about not knowing if I have the money. Literally she kept saying she was confused, like it didn't compute that I didn't have $500 to PUT DOWN (NOT pay in full!) on this membership. They were gonna give me the lowest costing one and let me put money down then make payments. $1500 was a lot, but from what she told me, it almost seemed worth a shot, so I was seriously going to consider it. But I could tell she was a little annoyed that I wasn't going to join right then and there. I'm sorry but I don't just have $1500 lying around to spend on whatever, this was something I would have to think about, but I was going to think about it!

So I leave and get to my car. I pull up to the gate to leave and put in my ticket. It says I have to pay $28, WTH??! So I pull back out and go back upstairs to try and catch her before she leaves. I call the number, i get their voicemail. I call and call. I finally get a person. She says she'll try to get the woman I spoke with. I'm already almost in tears cuz this is not boding well for me. She gets back on the phone:

Woman: She says she didn't validate because we only validate for members. So if you had bought the membership, we would have validated!

SERIOUSLY?!?! What the hell?!? Don't panic!

Me: They didn't tell me that.

Woman: They didn't? I always end with only if you buy a membership.

Me: Well they did not.

Woman: WHo did you speak to?

Me: "so-and-so" and "so-and-so"

Woman: I'm their manager, they should have said something. Well I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do.

Me: Okay.

So I'm pissed at this point. my problem is, when I get pissed I also cry. If I'm this upset where I have to actually say something or demand something, I get very teary which frustrates the heck out of me! So I'm trying to figure out what to do. I get back in my car and call my mom so she can help me to calm down.

I drive to the gate again (while on the phone with her). I press the button to speak with someone.

Me: I can't get out.

Security: You have to pay.

Me: i don't have any way to pay.

Security: Stand by.


Security: Yeah, there's nothing we can do, you can call someone and ask them to bring you money.

Oh Heeeeellllll no!

Me: So I just have to sit here all night?

Security; Stand by.


Supervisor comes out with a total attitude.

Me: I don't have money to pay (I didn't have $28 to pay for parking that I was not expecting to have to pay), they told me I wouldn't have to pay for parking.

Supervisor: Well that's not our problem.

Me: So I could just sit in here all night?

Supervisor: Yeah, you can find a spot and park over there. But you need to move because people behind you need to get out.

Oh. My. God. If I wasn't thinking about how crappy it would be for those people to be stuck cuz I was having issues, I would not have budged. But I thought about how upset i would be if I got off worked and just wanted to go home and had to deal with this, so I moved to let other people out.

I was still on the phone with my mom. I thought about just paying the money, but then i thought, no this is ridiculous. This isn't my fault, why should I have to pay. So i was preparing in my mind to spend the night in the parking garage. By now my mom had called my dad and told me he was on his way. He was gonna raise a fuss! He was in the car driving to where I was (I love my parents!). So he's on the phone with me, telling em to just block the way. And I told him I wasn't strong enough for that, I would just end up moving. Then he said to wait til he got there.

I'm waiting for him to get there, when this car pulls up to leave, and the woman driving looks at me and asks if I'm okay. I tell her they won't let me out and I don't have validation. She asks if I'm "Genellyn". I say yeah and she says she's the woman I had been talking to before about the validation. Then she says she'll get me out. So she goes to the intercom and they say they can't let me out cuz the machine won't let them or something. Then she comes back and she says she will pay for me to get out. So I said thank you and she said "if someone asks you for something, you gotta do it!"

It was nice of her, because she could have let me sit there, but I was thinking, it seemed appropriate since it was her company that got me into the situation. And she can be reimbursed. Then she said "And don't feel like you have to go with our service just because I'm doing this!"

Uhhh, yeah like that was what I was gonna do....I had already told her I wasn't going to go with their service because of this. This is a really crappy way to treat a potential client.

So I flew out of there like a bat out of hell and made my way home. My dad went back home, he wouldn't get off the phone til I was out of there, and we ended up talking til I got home.

So that was my night. How was yours?


Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010: A Year Of Promise!

It's a brand new year! A brand new start!

Hopefully this year I can get back into the swing of blogging! I'm starting this year a whole lot different than I started 2009. I'm living on my own, I have a new job, new friends (and old!:-))'s a little crazy to think about how far I've come in a year.

Now if I can just juggle it all appropriately, I'll be golden!

I've been enjoying living in my apartment with my brother. It's been pretty awesome. It's very liberating and I love the area. I'm going to write a blog about it one of these days, i even took pics to post, tee hee.

If there's one thing I learned this year and actually began to live by, it's that you can't sit and wait for things to happen! you have to figure out what you want and go get it! You can't sit around wishing, hoping and praying. I mean of course praying always helps, but you have to be proactive about achieving goals and dreams. I was tired of sitting around and waiting for things to happen, and this last year, I went out and got what I wanted! It wasn't luck, it didn't just happen to me, everything that I've accomplished I went out to get!

I believe your attitude towards life means everything. You have to be positive, pick yourself up and get back on the horse! You won't always succeed in every single endeavor but it makes the one you do succeed in even better!

New Year's resolutions are always a let down, I try to live day by day rather than set my self up for a 365 Day promise! That's hard! Does anyone make NY resolutions anymore?

Instead of a resolution, I encourage you to make 2010 your year! Dont; just let it happen to you, make 2010 happen for you!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

It's All Gravy!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

I know I'm late, but what are you gonna do? How was everyone's holiday?

It's been crazy getting settle into everything, Between soccer class, acting class, the holidays, and getting ready to start my new job, I feel like I haven't had a minute!

So, I started my new job today! I don't think I've mentioned this at all. I am in a new position with the same company I've been working for for the last year and a half. I'm excited, it's gonna be good. I get to train with my current manager. She's teaching me the ropes. We're friends outside of work, so it makes training even better!

My acting class has been going well. My partner and I are doing our last runthrough for our last scene on Thursday, which should be really good. We've worked pretty hard on it. Fingers crossed! Afterward, we're going to the Turtle Races:-)

SP text me last week, because he saw me driving. We chatted for a bit, then I let the conversation go. He replied "yup" to something I said, and I didn't respond. I decided I'm tired of being the one waiting for the guy to say something. I'll keep the ball in my court for a little while thank you. Not that he was trying to talk to me like that again, but I'm always practicing!

My friend Dawn and I watched Gross Pointe Blank tonight, and we were marveling at the awesomness of Minnie Driver's character. She's so amazing. The way she treats John Cusak is classic! She really couldn't care less about hurting his feelings, or what he thinks of her if she does one thing or another. I truly, truly want to be able to be like her. But the key is, you can't just ACT like that, it has to be truly what you feel. I have to stop caring about guys and what they think. I need to be about me (not in the completely conceited sense), I need to be mre concerned about how I feel and how I should and want to be treated rather than about how they feel or what they think. And it's gonna have to be genuine, not just something I'm doing to get a specific result. If I watch Gross Pointe Blank and He's Just Not That Into You at least once a month, I think I'll be okay!

I totally filled my car with radiator fluid and oil, by myself (well, with my dad on the phone, but whatever!). A mechanic tried to swindle me, so I just took matters into my own hands! He said my car just needed "basic maintenance" which would cost $200-$300!!! How in the world is that basic?!? When he went to look under my hood, I got out of my car to watch him, just in case he tried to pull something funny. He didn't do anything that I saw, he said my spark plugs were looking good. Then I talked to my dad after I left and he asked if the guy had taken anything out, I said no, and he said you can't check spark plugs without taking them out!!! WTH?!? That's why mechanics have a bad reputation! I hate being a woman who doesn't know squat about cars....maybe I'll take an auto shop class next semester....

Jeremy is doing much better. He's eating, talking, laughing. But his brain still hasn't recovered fully. He's moody and can get really irritable, so he still needs prayer, if you think about him! Thank you to everyone who has kept him in mind!

I'll be updating more often now that the dust has settled!

Question: What was one thing you were really Thankful for?

Until next time!


Friday, November 20, 2009

I'm Baaaaacckkk!!! (My First Vlog!!)

Hello My Wonderful Blog and All of My Readers (Those who have stuck around!),

Oh how I have missed you! My brother and I FINALLY got internet in the apt, so I'll be blogging regularly again!

It's been crazy getting settled, but I love it! I have my own full bed now, and a REALLY cute theme in my bathroom! I just got the shower curtain today in the mail. It's I may post a pic once I have it all the way I want it!

Here's a Vlog as a celebration of my return!

Untitled from Genellyn Driver on Vimeo.

Jeremy Update! from Genellyn Driver on Vimeo.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

CampFire Network: eQ

Jennie at Generation You has started this idea of The Campfire Network in which you swap thought provoking questions with a fellow blogger. The intention is to break the mold of your traditional blogging and engage in some candid conversations with your readers. Reveal as much or as little as you wish, but the posts tend to be more relatable and more robust when you open up. In turn, pick some other bloggers you want to swap questions with. No promises that they will open up. Remember, sharing stories around a campfire often times gets emotional and ends up with someone killing the vibe by crying, stomping off into the woods or wanting to fight someone.


My girl eQ over at Misguided Me and I have swapped questions. I asked her a few random, fun questions and she did the same for me. She's an awesome chick, and I would definitely recommend reading her blog, if not subscribing! She's a fun and interesting read!

Welcome to any visitor's from Misguided Me!! I think you'll enjoy her answers!! Please comment and let me know you came over!

If you would like to swap questions with me, let me know! It's fun and a good way to cross audiences and find cool new blogs!!

(See my answers to eQ's questions here)

Gen: What are you most afraid of not accomplishing in your life?

eQ: I am afraid of not making my family proud. It is easy to assume that they are. But I rarely feel like that is the case. I know my success in life (in their eyes) isn’t measured by how much money I make or the job I have or if I am married and have kids. I know that they will be proud of me if I just go out there and try. But I feel some pressure sometimes, since both of my siblings are married and have kids and good careers. I sometimes think they are waiting around for me to do the same. I just don’t want them to feel sorry for me. That would be the worst.

Gen: What do you like best about yourself?

eQ: Physically? I like my wrists. They are dainty and feminine. As Far as in my character is concerned I would have to go with the fact that I try to keep the drama in my life at a minimum. I am an avid believer that you need to flush the negativity out of your life before you truly feel at peace. Now that doesn’t mean that I myself am this perfect balancing act. I just think you need to stop letting the losers in your life get under your skin. Fuck them. The perpetual whiner, the slack ass roommate, the negative Nancy, the cheating BF/GF, the condescending parents. You know who they are in your life. Get rid of them, life is too short to be caught up in someone else’s drama. Now when I say “get rid of” I don’t mean hire a hit man or go stabbing them in the middle of the night. I mean either minimize interaction with them or stop communicating with them. Just and FYI

Gen: 3 Guilty pleasures?

eQ: This is a good question because as I am pondering what my guilty pleasures are I am smiling and slightly salivating. Mmmm, guilty pleasures….

1. Really expensive shoes. If I were wealthy I would have a serious shoe problem. Thankfully I can’t afford them. But that doesn’t stop me from going to Saks to sit in the midst of shoetopia. I get a little high when I am there.

2. Tattoos. I have 9. Collected over the past 13 years. I am in the process of removing 2 but not before I add another one on my back, which will cost around $450. They are addicting. I swear they put something in the ink!

3. Chocolate. This is an obvious one. All my friends and family know this about myself. Chocolate brownies, chocolate cake, little Cadbury eggs, Hershey kisses, Reese’s peanut butter cups, chocolate ice cream, chocolate covered anything. Gimme!

Gen: What is your favorite thing about being in a relationship, what is your least favorite?

eQ: One of the best things about a relationship for me is sharing my life with someone. I have a person who knows every little nuance about me. He knows how to manage me, anticipate my moods, to listen and give advice. I have a travel buddy and a snuggle partner. We are best pals. We are very opposite but I think that’s part of the magic.

My least favorite thing is trying to manage my expectations of him. I want to believe that he will change and adapt over the years. This may be true in some instances, but at the core you have to accept your mate on all levels the way they come. You can’t ever “expect” things from your mate if you do you are in for a world of hurt. Expectations just lead to frustrations. This is the hardest thing for people (especially woman) to understand of a relationship.

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